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Jim Downs

Jim Downs has been advised to emphatically deny ALL ANONYMOUS CLAIMS made by:


Their goal – Pay them money.


Free speech zealots

As long as the free speech is in alignment with their views

If not

They attack with fake news – facts and proof are irrelevant to these people – public humiliation is the goal – if you don’t pay Ripoff – watch out!!


The Glenn McGrath article defends R.E.I.N.

This is fake news - no evidence at all – big claims but no substance as claimed by the authors.

We received a solicitors letter demanding money. When we did our own research on these alleged victims & sent them our own evidence it was totally the opposite evidence to what was written – we never heard from them or their solicitors again – Funny that!!

The goal was to publicly humiliate Jim Downs, evidence & proof had nothing to do with anything according to the authors of this rubbish story.

And now unfortunately it’s on google forever.

Don’t believe this news story – not a word.

Newspapers sell advertising and fill the space in between the adds with negative headlines to get you to buy, true journalism is in real jeopardy of extinction.

Jim Downs has been anonymously accused of being under investigation or found guilty of:
  1. Fraud
  2. Impersonation
  3. Perjury
  4. Paying people to silence them
  5. Dishonesty
  6. Wealth destruction

NOTE: This list of accusations will grow over time – other Australian victims who like me have refused to play ball with these companies have been accused of being murderers and more – truly appalling lies!

Google Janice Duffy in Adelaide (http://drjaniceduffy.com/) & Michael Roberts - Rexxfield (http://ripoffreport-scam.blogspot.com.au/)

Watch this google page continue to print more crimes Jim Downs is supposedly guilty of like these other victims have had to endure over many years.

Why can’t victims prosecute Ripoff & Webactivisim

They are registered as American companies and are therefore protected by the first amendment of the US Constitution - Freedom of Speech which reads:

"You have the right to say anything about anyone whether true or false and post it on the web."

Google Michael Roberts for his story – so sad.

Janice Duffy in Adelaide (a victim of Ripoff Report) won her case against google (the publisher) and Ripoff in the South Australian Supreme Court but failed in the USA courts.

Michael Roberts only recently had his case squashed in the US system – so disappointing!!

For his own protection Jim Downs has been advised to put this notice on the web.

Future of the web.

This appears to be the way of the web for the future as companies & individuals use Google – Facebook – Twitter to spread fake news & slander & defame innocent companies & individuals with no recourse to clear your name.

Google & Facebook & Twitter are all aware of the problem but unless the US congress amends part of the First Amendment – freedom of speech and outlaw anonymous posts the problem will remain. Their hands are tied.

Google, Facebook & Twitter now are becoming nothing more than hate sites as the companies work to control the negative content of many users on their sites.

The impact of this on Jim Downs.

Public humiliation is now the new weapon of alleged extortion companies.

Don’t believe one word of their claims.

In my case I have closed my companies, laid off fantastic staff.

I cannot work anymore.

I have to live with this public humiliation now on Google forever.


I will not surrender to these people, where does it stop if you do?

Their goal is massive public humiliation until you crack & pay them to take the posts down, anywhere from $5K US to $100K US – then beyond?

Where to for Jim Downs from here.

This has been the most horrendous time for me over the last few years.

You can get justice in Australian Law only to lose to these monsters in the US Courts.

There are over a million people worldwide who have been targeted by this alleged EXTORTION SCAM and sadly I’m embarassed to say I paid them.

Many others have as well.

We can only hope that the US Lawmakers in Congress change Section 230 of the First Amendment and we will all finally get justice.


Thanks for reading this.

And all the best,


P.S. - I'm going sailing and why not!